Friday, 2005-12-16 00:15

Bot, CAPTCHA and NBCom

I maybe didn't stated it clear enough - I had not believed that image anti bot protection in NBCom is a "strong" protection. I was trying to accomplish basic protection, however I did not know about JOCR/GOCR.

But let's start from begin. I was just showed that bypassing NBCom anti bot protection is trivial ( This actually is the end, am I right? I was looking for better solution (distorted images) however I didn't found library easy to use and with suitable for NBCom license (GPL is no go). My search for such library have resulted with this blog entry: why I don't like GPL anymore ;-)) If I were aware of GOCR/JOCR existence I would not bother myself to write such easy to bypass protection. Shit happens ;-) so if You know some PHP library LGPL-like or BSD-like licensed I will implement it into NBCom.

On the bright side it is good to know about GOCR/JOCR (

UPDATE - half an hour later
I have to take some google classes. How did I not found any nice CAPTCHA classes?????? Did I say shit happens ? :)))

Expect new release.