SSVN stands for

Super SVN
just joking ;-)

./ - v.0.1 - Subversion wrapper to manage file permissions
(c) 2006 Witold Rugowski OPTIONS <file names>

-h : this help,
-s : store file permissions into subversion repository (default action)
-r : retrive file permissions from subversion repository

What is this?

I wanted to use SVN to manage /etc directory in my new FreeBSD box. But unfortunatley I can not "force" SVN to store permissions into repository. Quick serach through did not found solution. So... I wrote my own. This perl script runs svn to store file permissions, owner and group using svn properties (this one is named perm). After svn update or svn co You may run this script again, and using data stored in properites original mode, owner and group.

This is not portable solution, since it is based on UNIX-like file access control. More - UID and GID are stored as numbers, so it can be impossible to restore owner and group info on other box.

Word of explanation about this project
It look like the whole project is not needed ;-)). I was shown ( that ssvn has subset of asvn functionality. Asvn is similar script written in bash. I did not test it, only read its source. Should be even better than ssvn. Asvn is put into contrib/client-side directory in subversion distribution. So what for I wrote ssvn? Because I did not know about asvn until someone left this comment... I could add that this script is not put into FreeBSD port, so I can not found it ;-)) Asvn can be found here :

Version history:

Alternate solution:
You may want to try out this patch but it is beta (according its README) and I did not tested it, but it can provide You similar (or better) functionality.

I plan to write HOWTO use this wrapper to manage directory like /etc.