D-Link and PHK have settled

Some time ago I wrote about bad NTP implementation in D-Link products (http://nhw.pl/blg/archives/2006/04/10/T11_08_49/). It looks like today PHK and D-Link have settled. And again – huge response which PHK’s post had in Internet, and incredibly PR loss made D-Link to repair damages made (do You remember Sony rootkit?). But how it goes? Act doesn’t matter, response counts…

PS For those who did not read original PHK statement short summary, since PHK removed it from WWW (probably part of agreement):

D-Link hardcoded into its devices firmware a lot of NTP stratum-2 and stratum-1 servers, often with violation terms of services. Many tries to contact and resolve issue without public give nothing, but more costs to PHK. Finally he decided to go public – two weeks, huge response and finale. BTW I wonder if D-Link has settled with owners of all misused servers…

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