FreeBSD ports collection and licenses

Recently I got task to do. I’m supposed to check whether withe some FreeBSD boxes managed by HP Poland are associated risks with improper uses according license. What?!?! You probably asked when read improper use according license in context of FreeBSD?

Relax, I’m talking about applications installed via famous :)) FreeBSD ports collection. It turns out there is no licensing info associated with particular ports, so looks like I need to check every entry in /var/db/pkg.

It would be very nice, if every port have License field, and it would be possible to find all GPLed ports, for example like that:

$ make search key=PHP | grep -E "^License: GPL|^Port:|^Path:"

In polish is there some very nice proverb marzenie scietej glowy to express such ideas ;))

But if there will be no easy solution I would be required to write some webby application to store such info (for each port). Then running it over list installed ports from other machine will allow to filter common ports, installed on almost every box. As for geek should be, I’m lazy enough to write automated solution, than doing it by hand.

ESR credited by MS

Or in other words – next time when MS say, that Open Source is not reliable enough to use in corporate environment… ;-))) You may laugh loud. OK, You just could laugh at it always but recently ESR (You know who it is, right?) found out that MS has credited him for his work on GIF library. Nice to follow requirements, but this shows that FUD by MS is nothing more than FUD ;-))

You want to read it, because You want to be successful

You want it, right? Everyone search its own way to success, because everyone wants to be successful… OK I want to show You something, You will give You opportunity to find Your own way. Ready ? :-)

It have started as usual, I was browsing web in some free time (nights can be long if You know how to use Your time) and found site, and feel obligated to share with You with it’s content. This tips are most relevant to starting own business in software development, but there many which are more general.

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Chrysler and domain ridiculous fight, or how to create PR disaster

Here in Poland, we have a bit of fun with Mercedes (Daimler-Chrysler corporation) and Szulc-Efekt, small polish company, who owns (whether it owns it shows up in a moment)

But go back, to beginning. Somewhere in dot-com age Szulc-Efekt company have registered domain How it was possible? In Poland at this time was no clear regulations about trademarks, brands and domain names. So NASK, polish domain name registrar allowed anyone register any domain.

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