AJAX and MUD – is this possible?

Some time ago I wanted to start new project. Basically it was web based MUD. Yes. There is a lot of them, and most of them sucks. Yeah, I know, really know.

But what makes them sucks? To find answer first You must know what makes MUD survive in MMORPG times. Text based interface has some advantages over still not so good 3D graphics. It is players imagination – without visualisation it is easier to imagine worlds which You are wandering through. At least for me, but I’m old RPG (no CRPG) fan. IMO there is one requirement. Player have to be able interact with MUD engine fast. This means that each delay in communication between player and MUD (in both directions) is bad. Web based MUD are slow (page refresh) or just fall in other category than classic MUD.

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About setting goals

With help from great lifehacker.com I found good article. I think it is worth reading and thinking a bit about how You are setting Your personal goals. Putting it in reverse (how not to set personal goals) way is quite funny, but also worth reading. There is almost always room to make improvements. At least I found some in my case ;-)

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Google – again

As probably every one who writes some kind of website I’m statistics fan. Few days ago I’ve noticed decrease number hits from google queries. I still got many of them to my wallpapers page, but not to “normal” blog. Query site:nhw.pl/wp returns only 2 documents. First I thought about Google Sitemaps plugin to WordPress, which I have recently installed on this blog.

But then I’ve discovered, that my old blog also is somehow very bad represented in Google. Query site:nhw.pl/blg returns 39 documents. And under Nanoblogger I have written over 130 entries (each with permalink)… More – I had on this site some time ago all Internet RFC (over 3000 documents). I have removed them over year ago, and now they are back (according Google, of course).

It is second time I have some troubles with Google – in March for over 3 or 4 weeks new entries didn’t appear in search results. Bad luck :(