DB2 and Rails

Recently I wrote about support from IBM to using DB2 with rails (prepared bundle for Windows containing Ruby, Rails and DB2 in one .msi). But it looks like DB2 is not supported very well in Rails, according to entry on RoR wiki: wiki.rubyonrails.com/rails/pages/IBM+DB2. I’m really interested in testing this out (DB2 in some simple web app in rails). Probably I do test switchover to DB2 from MySQL, and see what happens.

Why I think it is interesting? Because of IBM attitude. I think (as for now) that IBM is more in PHP and Java bandwagon, but maybe it can change? For sure major corporation supporting Rails will be important event, however I don’t know whether it will be good event.

IBM is supporting many OS projects, but as far as I know any of them is not directly competing with IBM portfolio. I’m not a IBM salesperson ;-) so maybe I’m wrong, but does Rails compete with Websphere? If not, please correct me ;-)

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