Rails application creation – script

I was recently starting many new Rails application. I was doing some tests, and I needed setup new Rails applications ready to run with Subversion. I’m a lazy person (for most IT folks it is a huge advantage ;)) ) so I wrote script to automate this task.

Now I want to share with my work. What this script does? It asks about Rails application name and Subversion repository root (I assume repository will be stored locally on file system). Next, in current directory:

  • creates Subversion repository under given root with chosen project name
  • generates Rails application and makes it local copy of svn repository
  • prepares Subversion tags like svn:ignore for logs and temporary files and commits all changes
  • asks whether fetch my Rake task to handle commits of all changes on later stage


 ./svninit.sh | tee outp.txt

I was using suggestions from Ruby on Rails Wiki. I tried to remember make all needed checks to avoid any mess, but test it in Your environment, before using it in production ;-)) Rake addon to handle all Subversion task on later stage is described in this blog entry: http://nhw.pl/wp/2006/08/05/yet-another-rake-and-subversion-task/

As usual script was developed on FreeBSD, so all path to binaries are specific to this platform, but You can easily adjust it to Your needs.

And finally script can be fetched from http://nhw.pl/download/svninit.sh

UPDATE (29.08.2006)
I was too tired, and made one mistake – after fetching svn task for rake, I did not merged properly old Rakefile with patch. Now script is corrected. I hope I made no more major errors in it…

Starting Rails application on FreeBSD – script

I was asked to publish whole startup script and I could do, so go fetch it from http://nhw.pl/download/railsapp.sh and customize it a bit.

  • /RAILS/APP/ROOT – it is directory where Rails application root is
  • PORT – port on which You want to run application (default 3000)
  • LOW_PRIV_UID – UID (numeric) of user who will be owning process (if You skip it UID will be root! so do not skip this part :) )
  • Add railsapp_enable=”YES” to /etc/rc.conf

With Webrick in current Rails (1.1.6) this script wont work – to give possibility of changing UID of Webrick process during its startup You have to apply my patchhttp://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/5788

Apple does not make RIM’s errors

RIM, which is famous from its BlackBerry device was close to shut down its own services, when engaged in legal battle with NTP. I was not following it closely, but AFAIK RIM got negative feedback how was fighting with NTP. Finally they settled for something like 600 million USD.

Apple took its lesson and did not risk such danger for lucrative iPod market and settled with Creative. Well, OTOH Creative for sure is not a patent troll….

Apple settles with Creative

You want to start new company?!?

Do You want start new, shiny Web2.0 company? Recently on lifehacker.com and many more sites I saw great sets of resources for startups. But they lacks two very important entries. I can not let this alone, so let’s fix it. Here it comes. First You need Idea(TM) and Company Name. You can get both (for free!) on http://andrewwooldridge.com/myapps/webtwopointoh.html. Next, You only need to feed some desperate VC (feeling like late nineties again?) with some business plan. It also can be done for free. Go to http://emptybottle.org/bullshit/ and try it Yourself!

Did I tell You to have fun with this? ;-)