JOE and Rails or how to color RHTML

I’m using JOE as my text editor. I’m used to it and it is hard to change own habits. When I have got interested in Rails, I tried some other editors with support for Rails/Ruby (for UNIX text terminals). I was very close to use VIM with plugins for Rails. But to much habits from JOE. After few days I was tired, so I returned to JOE.

JOE has nice coloring syntax support and current version (3.5) have support for Ruby. But not for RHTML. RHTML templates looks very ugly in JOE when using HTML coloring scheme. So I sat read c.jsf which has some comments and changed html.jsf to fix most annoying issues. Still I’m not expert :)) with JOE’s coloring, but at least all <% are not so highlighted. I will try to get more from this, maybe even Ruby syntax coloring inside <% %>

Go and fetch this beta from

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