Run-n-Share the beginning

As I was planning, today is the day I announce Run-N-Share. It is my simple Ruby-On-Rails powered application. Using it You can store routes and share them with world. My first idea was related to jogging routes, but this is not limited to any particular type of routes.

Site is an beta stage (ugh are they some non beta sites nowadays?) – I wanted to be a half product (it has minimal set of features – storing routes, naming them, displaying and basic search), but to be realeased. Next features are currently implemented.

So check this site and tell me what You think: Do You like it? Or does it sucks completely?

And now, what I have learned writing this application.

First and most important: Ruby On Rails is real enabler to web development. I could not imagine I wrote this in PHP with this same level of efforts (I stress it again I wrote). I started developing in August and up to now I devoted total 52 hours for it (thank You SlimTimer!). It is very little, when You take in consideration that it was my first application using so much JavaScript and Google Maps API. If I have write it again I suppose it would take me no more than 20 – 30 hours. I spend lot of time writing features which are present in Google Maps API (like zoom calculation and distance between points).

Second – I have learned using JavaScript and AJAX. It was much simpler than I thought, however differences between browsers are real pain for beginners ;-)))

Finally – RJS templates a rebours

It looks not only me was feeling RJS templates are not all when comes to JavaScript generated from Rails. RJS works well when it has deal with AJAX requests. But when You need to generate some normal JavaScript code, based on some Rails controllers state it becomes hard with RJS (or at least I don’t know some easy way).

So there is Minus-R plugin (and its SVN repo) which allows to write Javascript templates like HTML from RHTML templates, just embeds Ruby in JavaScript. I have to try it, but judging from description… It is the Grail of JS generation…

Writing – best way to sort own knowledge

I’m just finishing article for polish paper (Software Developer’s Journal) about basics of Google Maps API and I’m making myself sure, that writing things down helps to organize own knowledge. During writing I’ve discovered why I have some troubles with my own applications. When I had to write down my knowledge in some understable (I hope, since it is 3 AM) words, I have some Eurekas why I had some JavaScript issues with my app…

Doesn’t Joel say that writing and communicating is most important thing for a developer? I agree, ability to form clear sentences helps to sort own knowledge.

Oh, I’m going to sleep. I wonder if tomorrow this entry will still make sense for me ;-))

AJAX, IE and Debugbar

I have to apologize Debugbar developers for my statements about viewing HTML code. It shows both original HTML source code and current (AJAX’ed :) ). Simple, I’m not using DB at daily basis, so it’s UI is not so clear for me (I’m more used to text menus than icons). I didn’t notice View source icon, and I’ve used DOM Inspector. Sure View source allows to watch both original and current HTML code.