Inside biggest passenger plane – A380

I was inside A380. Well… it is huge! It is hard to believe, that so big thing can fly… Impressive…

I’m involved in cooperation with polish company, which was chosen to provide some services for Airbus. I can not give any details (before end of project), but I will write some software for Airbus. I can not say what it is supposed to do, but it is not any on plane software, so You should not fear :)) I don’t have to say, that I’m very excited with new challenge :)

So, last few days off line was caused by my trip to Toulouse, France to meet people in Airbus, to discuss details of project. I was first time in France, and I have say, that judging from what I have seen it is nice place to live (southern France). Almost Mediterranean climate, not so Mediterranean attitude :)) makes perfect combination. And, of course French food…

For serious cons living there You should treat properties prices, which have become real high. Well as for now I’m concerned by home and land prices around Warsaw ;))

For tomorrow I have scheduled visit in US consulate, I have to finish process for my H1B visa approval. However in current circumstances (I mean: my family not my work for Airbus) I don’t see it will be possible to fly to work to US in next few months. Hopefully my work permit is valid up to Oct 2009, so if not in this year, maybe in 2008.

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