Ruby on Rails and H1 sponsorship

I was browsing through reports generated by Visitors, web server log analyzer, and found this query from Google: h1 sponsorship ruby on rails. Looks like somebody is checking Rails as his/hers pass to US ;-))

I wonder if this will be such pass like it is Java. Maybe yes, maybe not, who knows? One thing I know for sure. Number of jobs in US for Rails developers is growing steady. Query “Ruby on Rails” on now returns about 130 jobs in last 30 days. Month ago it was something about 110, two months ago – 90. How do I know? As an exercise from Ruby (not Rails) and JavaScript I’m writing tool to present such data, and I was collecting this form Dice. More details in few days.

Anyway, I’m in better position, since I have my H1 already. Unfortunately, in my current situation I can not go to US before November (this almost certain I can not go before November and still I have to convince my wife to go after November – hard task:) ). From the other side, maybe in November it will be much easier to get good job as Rails developer. Framework will be (even) more known in US market and I will gather much more experience and will have much more impressive portfolio.

6 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails and H1 sponsorship

  1. I arrived here by another search “H1b visa ruby on rails”, you are now the first item in the results: . I have made such search days or months ago. maybe the log you catch is generated by me :)). Yes I want to get H1b by rails development in the USA. I am enjoy to read this post.

    You are so lucky to got your H1b, Could you please share your experience with me?


  2. First – I got my H1 as network engineer, not rails developer, second – I’m still in Poland I’m not working in US. And I don’t expect that will change before November.

    How it was to get H1? It took time. First, check for what kind of specialist are in short supply. For now it would be Java folks, .NET probably. Then gain experience, portfolio, certifications (in that order ;)) )

  3. I wanted to say, that IMO for average Rails developer it is way to early hope to get H1 on Rails skills. It is long procedure and costly for employer, so… faster would be get someone with work permit and force him/her learn RoR ;)))

    Compare mere 130-something Ruby On Rails jobs on with almost 8000 with J2EE…

  4. Thanks for your instruction, but as we know, H1B is actually provide as for *no right people in USA*, I think the rails developer would be more difficult to got than Java in the US.

  5. But this is demand vs. supply thing. *no right people* means *no enough right people*.

    Rails demand is still low, and RoR has very low entry barrier – after two months (full-time) coding You are quite efficient with RoR. Compare it with J2EE

    Demand for Java skills is tremendous and supply is short ;-)

  6. I finally find an opportunity that can sponsor my H1B for ruby on rails work, thanks for google… Thanks for your post.

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