GM API shape getter plus bonus

Free goodies! Everybody likes them, am I right? Do You want some? Some time ago I wrote simple tool to create shapes (GPolygon) with GoogleMaps API. I planned to add some features like drag&drop and finally (after two months) found some time to finish it. On I have published new and shinny version. Drag&drop, […]

IE errors with GPolyline – one more word

Despite of ironing some stupid mistakes with IE and GPolygon, strange things still have happened. I become suspicious when my IE7.0 have refused to work properly with official Google Maps API examples with error: Wyst?pi? b??d w czasie wykonywania. Czy chcesz debugowa?? Wiersz: 687 B??d: Arg: Fraction out of range (0 to 1 allowed) (Win […]

Strange error in IE when using GPolyline

When using GPolyline in application based on Google Maps API and application in Internet Explorer fails with strange errors deep in API, You can recover by sticking to following procedure: be sure that application fails when adding GPolyline to map – map.addOverlay(new GPolyline(points)) spend a lot of time digging in Your code, even try to […]