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If You watch this blog using web browser You may have noticed new widget in sidebar. Probably for You looks like that:

When not logged

What is this?

When You click on it You will be taken to FriendsFeedMe application to login or create account and upload OPML. For people logged to FFM (and with OPML file uploaded), widget looks like this:

When not logged

You see? When You upload OPML we can try to calculate how much Your and blog owner interests interacts. So when You find somewhere in net blog with this widget You will know how many Yours and site owner OPMLs have in common.

When You look at own widget You have button to upload new OPML file.

Widget is first feature on FFM which is not based on Your direct connections in Facebooks social network – You could get info about any user who uses FFM and puts widget on public site. There will be more such features in future!

Do You want such widget?

Go to FFM (login or create account) and click on options tab. Now copy widget code and paste to Your webpage. Widget has size 180×95 pixels. Have fun!

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