Updating Rails when vendor/rails is under local svn

In some of my projects I have Rails checked out in vendor/rails and I keep it under local subversion repository (not as an external nor ignored). Why? It is sometimes to handy to have just whole application in one repository. The only problem I encountered is when I need to upgrade Rails version. Normal rake […]

Rails in production and code reloading

When I have discovered Rails through 4 Days on Rails over a year and half ago, I decided to buy Agile Web Development with Rails, which is great book for learning Rails. And there I found following statement (page 52): It turns out that the WEBrick-based Rails dispatcher is pretty clever. In development mode (as […]

Ruby Tk

Recently I wrote a lot code with Ruby and Tk. I just need to write some old fashioned GUI application. And being somewhere in 1/3 way with this work, what I can say? This is my first time I’m using Tk so I’m newcomer to this land, and my first impressions are quite positive (YMMV). […]