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This year have stared for me with permanent lack of time. In January I was finishing Ruby project, which was started over one year ago. And last six weeks I was involved in creation of prototype application (Rails of course) for some Germany startup. It seems that this stage is over and I did not choose to participate in next phase. Why? There is plenty of reasons, but most important – next few weeks/months will be filled with work on my own projects. One of this projects is to bring back some life to this blog, so expect me to write much often here.

I will keep topics around Ruby and web development. That means Rails, but probably also Merb, in which I become recently interested in, JavaScript and APIs like GoogleMaps, Facebook API.

Speaking of last – I will deliver talk about Facebook API on RuPy 2008. I do prefer show practical aspects of using API and I will try to do some live coding (again, similar to last year).

RuPy is conference devoted to Ruby and Python languages. Talks are divided into two tracks (Ruby and Python, have You seen this coming? :) ) and from my last year experience it is great place to get know new people. This time I hope I will be able to attend all program including evening integration :) which I missed last year.

I was struck by thought that writing this post on Easter in first days of spring definitely is some sign of times. And speaking of spring – snow outside is getting heavier ;)

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