NetBeans, SVN, SSH and multiple repositories

I know git is right choice for VCS, but… not all have converted yet and NetBeans does not support git (yet, since work is in progress?).

If You are still stuck in SVN world – in NetBeans FAQ You can find guide how to setup svn+ssh protocol to work with NetBeans.

On Windows (as always) are some gotchas when You setup svn+ssh.

First, connect to host with PuTTy to populate PuTTys key cache – otherwise You won’t be able use command line SVN tools.

Second – don’t dare to set default IP address in PuTTy (that is default host name for Default Settings). If You do, no matter what URL You give as SVN repo address, plink.exe will try connect to default IP/hostname instead to SVN repo. Probably this is not what You want plink to do.

All is working and You need to setup another repository?

As a freelancer I do work with different customers and if more than one uses svn+ssh URL schema, how to setup NetBeans?

Well it can be achieved with little trick. You need to create new schema named for example svn+ssh2 and adjust SVN config.

Example! Example!

Let’s assume we have:

  • first repository
    • URL: svn+ssh://
    • user: user1
    • password: pwd1
  • second repository
    • URL: svn+ssh://
    • user: user2
    • password: pwd2

    Now [tunnels] section of SVN config file could be:

    ssh = plink -l user1 -pw pwd1
    ssh2 = plink -l user2 -pw pwd2

    First URL does not change, so we can checkout code with svn+ssh://, and code from second repository with modified URL: svn+ssh2:// (spot this little 2 in protocol name).

    It just works. Or I missed some other option and it can be done simpler way?

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