MySQL, collations and Rails – or server, database, connection – that is not all

Last few weeks were somewhat crazy time. But I’m seeing finish line not so far away and I hope to find more time for blogging in upcoming weeks. At least I have few things to share, which could be interesting for other Rails developers.

So let’s start with MySQL and it’s collations. I have wrote about them few months ago. Few days ago, I had finally installed Linux on my notebook (last two months I was running Linux from USB drive). And it seems that there were some minor changes in my environment. I was working on CARtoteka, and when I was running migrations they were stopped in half with error like :

Mysql::Error: Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and
(utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '=': 
SELECT count(DISTINCT  companies`.id) AS count_all FROM `companies`  
LEFT OUTER JOIN `addresses` ON  addresses.company_id = 
WHERE (city = 'Pozna?' and moderated)

What the heck? I have doublechecked I have set connection collation and other – utf_general_ci as I could expect.

After some digging I have found what was a cause.

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