Test benchmark – useful gem for Rails tests

Doing TDD You need to know which tests are making whole suite slower. If time used by rake test becomes too long, You may be tempted to skip running tests… Waiting for them to complete becomes suddenly burden on Your way to next task.

Waiting... Waiting...

Waiting... Waiting... (c) Tony the Misfit

So, when You need to optimize Your test suite, test_benchmark is a way to go. Just install Rails plugin and after rake test You will get 10 slowest tests and timing of all test in test.log. Now You know where to look for a good place to start and not to wait too long…

Shuffling RubyGems versions

I do some Facebook work for my customer, and when I checked out current source into my dev environment, application didn’t want to work :) Basically Facebook related code did not initialized properly.

I was curious what is causing it and finally gave up (RFacebook plugin upgrade did the job), but it seemed that it is something related to RubyGems version. So I did RubyGems downgrade and upgrade several times. I did it via fetching RubyGems source and ruby setup.rb.

I’m not sure if it is FreeBSD specific, but if after RubyGems upgrade (I did upgrade from 0.9.4 to 1.1.1) You are experiencing:

/usr/local/bin/gem:23: uninitialized constant Gem::GemRunner (NameError)

Then just delete /usr/local/bin/gem and symlink /usr/local/bin/gem18 as /usr/local/bin/gem.