MySQL, collations and Rails – or server, database, connection – that is not all

Last few weeks were somewhat crazy time. But I’m seeing finish line not so far away and I hope to find more time for blogging in upcoming weeks. At least I have few things to share, which could be interesting for other Rails developers. So let’s start with MySQL and it’s collations. I have wrote […]

Reloading Your plugin in development mode

For one of my customers I was developing API, wrapped around some older service. This API was meant to be used by new application developed (using RoR of course) by customer itself. Since I was only wrapping old code I could finish quite soon, before main application was ready. The problem was that API was […]

Will paginate for rescue

Will paginate is great plugin, used almost by every Rails application I have seen. But I’ve seen this plugin used to generate handful navigation among huge datasets. Well it was written with this in mind, but today I have found another use. How often Your application does need export huge dataset as CSV for example? […]

NetBeans code template for RESTful controller

I’m using NetBeans as my IDE for my Ruby related (and not only) work. Since I’m writing RESTful application I do create a lot of Restful controllers. And I was tired creating Golden Seven actions again and again. So I finally sat and learned a little about NetBeans code templates. So here it comes code […]