Pictures were taken with Canon PowerShot A40 (marked A40) and Konica Minolta MAXXUM 5d (marked 5d)

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Photo taken on 2004 summer vacation in Jastarnia, Poland. Sunset over Baltic Sea…

1024×768 A40

  Photo for this wallpaper was taken on 2005 winter vacation in Weremien (near Lesko), Poland. Nice place for first steps on skies…
1024×768 A40
  Photo taken on kickoff with HP Poland – Managed Services, 2005 Strbskie Pleso, Slovakia. Sunset over High Tatras.
1024×768 A40
  Photo taken on my trip to my parents, near St Anna Mountain, Silesia, Poland.
1024×768 A40

  Photo for this wallpaper was taken in Sopot, Poland. I was there in late May 2005. Unfortunately I have to cut it down to resolution 800×600.
800×600 A40

And again Bieszczady Mountains (Weremien is also there) – Bystre near Baligrod. With friends and our children… Winter 2006 was snowy in Poland.
1280×1024 A40


When visiting The Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc, in early June 2005 we were surprised by storm. This photo was taken just before storm began. BTW if You are in Poland I strongly recommend You to visit this place (Museum of the Mazovian Countryside)
1600×1200 A40

  Another beautiful vacations in Jastarnia (Baltic sea). Sunset on the beach taken with new camera.

1600×1200, 5d
  Next wallpaper from picture taken on 2006 vacation. I love Jastarnia’s beaches…

1600×1200 5d
  Bird over beach. Very good as wallpaper (does not make icons unreadable).

1600×1200 5d

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