YAFM- Yet Another Financial Manager

YAFM is application to track Your expenses and incomes. That way You know how much and for what You are spending, and if You are in line with retirement savings. All made in EASY and COMFORTABLE way.

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The Difference

There are many programs to help manage Your finances.

So, why You should use YAFM?

First it is designed to be easy to use. It is not aimed to track every penny You spend, this would be annoying.

Second: it should be used as a tool to track spendings as exactly as You need. Don’t be stressed if some expences are not tracked or You have entered their approx value. YAFM is about helping You to know roughly how much and for what You are spending not making You feel bad, that expenses and incomes are not balanced up to penny. If You have enough patience to keep data 100% accurate – You will have very accurate results, good for You, but YAFM will not make troubles about coffee and doughnut this morning, You have forgot to enter.

YAFM BETA is free software, but version 1.0 will be commercial software. If You decide to donate me some money I promise You to get free 1.0 license. You can donate any amount, but if You would ask me how much I would say – 10 USD (1.0 pricing is not fixed but price will be somewhere between 10 and 20 USD).

This application is powered with Ruby on Rails and operated with browser locally. You need to have Ruby interpreter and sqlite installed. This means it can be run in Windows, Unix/Linux or Mac OS X environments.

For Windows (which I expect be to main platform for most users) there are sqlite .dlls provided with program.

Well… I’m using this program for myself from April 2006. I think for many people program like YAFM will be useful, so I decided give a try to release. Of course I’m releasing much more polished version than I use everyday, and also with much features missing. But I will successfully release next versions.

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