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When You have YAFM installed ( You can start filling it with data. This manual is for version 0.1 of YAFM, version 0.2 have some improvements but work flow does not changed.

After first start You should see picture similar to this one (click on pictures to see bigger ones):


First You need to create some categories. Click on CATEGORIES link on top of screen. You should see screen which let You to define categories.


Now clik on ‘New category’ link and create new category


After You have addes a few You shuld see something similar to this view:


Now click on ENTRIES on top of page and follow ‘New entry’ link. Fill form to create first entry. Enter amount, short description and date when it was paid. Something like this:


After You click ‘Create’ You should be looking on basic report view, looking similar to this (depending on categories You have created earlier). Now You can click on green icon next to category name to add another entry in this category.


After You have entered some more entries, You can look on report to see what is here going on. In each row You have:

  • Category name – and link to all entries in this category
  • Icon to add new entry in this category
  • Sum (rounded to integer) of all expenses in this category in current month
  • How this sum relates to last year average in this category (in %, in red if more than 130%)
  • Average for this category through last 12 month
  • Previous month’s sum
  • Previous month’s relation to average
  • Next 10 month’s sums

Each month sum is link to list of entries from particular month and category. Last row contains sums from months.


You can browse through all entries when You click on ENTRIES link on top screen. Then You can edit or delete them.


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