GM API shape getter plus bonus

Free goodies! Everybody likes them, am I right? Do You want some?

Some time ago I wrote simple tool to create shapes (GPolygon) with GoogleMaps API. I planned to add some features like drag&drop and finally (after two months) found some time to finish it. On I have published new and shinny version. Drag&drop, new icons and delete last points.

But where are ours free goodies?

I have created set of shapes of 50 US states, and decided to release this data to public domain. Go to to check it out. Of course they are made in hurry and are meant to use with zoom levels up to 5. When You zoom closer many discrepancies on borders will show up. But there is hope. I plan to add edit to existing shapes, so it could be fixed.

Well, is anybody interested in site where we can collect such shapes with free licenses? I could write (probably! I need only three things: time, time and time) simple site, powered by Ruby On Rails incorporating tool to create and edit shapes to further use

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