IE errors with GPolyline – one more word

Despite of ironing some stupid mistakes with IE and GPolygon, strange things still have happened. I become suspicious when my IE7.0 have refused to work properly with official Google Maps API examples with error:

Wyst?pi? b??d w czasie wykonywania.
Czy chcesz debugowa??

Wiersz: 687
B??d: Arg: Fraction out of range (0 to 1 allowed)

(Win XP Prof, Polish, IE7 English – update IE7 also Polish version, I was tired :) at that moment)

That was too much. So, useful hint – run IE with all addons disabled (C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe --extoff) and test it again.

Of course, without addons examples runs smoothly. And few moments later I knew that DebugBar has caused this problem. I have installed it, but not used on daily basis (due to its license), so I have forgot I got this tool. Maybe I would found this error earlier if I would remember…

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  1. Hi,

    We didn’t have any feedback like that from our users, and tested on our side and everything looks fine with the DebugBar installed (version 4.02).

    You can contact the DebugBar team using the email We will be grateful to have a crash page to correct the bug !

    Also note that the DebugBar is now free for personal use starting version 4.0.

    Best Regards.


  2. thanks you very much! it also happened to me with the IE Developer Toolbar… i wasted 2 hours. IE sucks.

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