Rails – skip validation in inherited classes.

Doing refactor in one of my applications I had to change behavior of single model. Since that was not total rewrite but just workflow change and I wanted to do A/B tests I needed both versions working. Instead of writing completely new model I opted for using class inherited from old version. New class should […]

Passing current user id to Rails models

Long time since last post, isn’t it? Well, I’m completely busy with my work in Nettigo, selling Arduinos and other nice gears :) I do not do gigs anymore, so there is a lot less reasons to write about Rails. But I still use this framework, since my backend software is written in Rails, so […]

ArgumentError: marshal data too short when loading session data

I was stuck for a while when application maintained by me have started to throw ArgumentError: marshal data too short errors in random places When user have encountered that problem then it was unable to use application at all. Logs were showing that it happens when Rails was trying to create session object. Session store […]