Passing current user id to Rails models

Long time since last post, isn’t it? Well, I’m completely busy with my work in Nettigo, selling Arduinos and other nice gears :) I do not do gigs anymore, so there is a lot less reasons to write about Rails. But I still use this framework, since my backend software is written in Rails, so […]

Reloading Your plugin in development mode

For one of my customers I was developing API, wrapped around some older service. This API was meant to be used by new application developed (using RoR of course) by customer itself. Since I was only wrapping old code I could finish quite soon, before main application was ready. The problem was that API was […]

Web application that has changed my life

Soon it will be two years since I was exposed to web application, which had probably most impact on me since AJAX was born. I have checked old time entries and it was August 2006 when I found SlimTimer. You ask – time tracking application had most impact on my life? Yes, exactly. (c) Brenda […]