Testing binary downloads with Webrat

I’m using Webrat to keep some sanity when approaching maintenance of new application. Customers often come to me with legacy code, which somehow is not covered by tests.

In such case integration tests are way to go, since they provide most bang of Yours bucks – each written test could cover many parts of application.

I had to create test for testing download some data in CSV format (have You said binary? :) ). With default matchers from Webrat You won’t be able to write effective assertions – and that why I’m referring to such file as binary.


So how to do it? Here is a quick tip

Use Webrat’s response_body to get raw body returned by application. Like that:

click_link "Get me some CSV data"
ret = CSV.parse response_body
  "In third row and sixth column You should have 2 and there is #{ret[2][5]}"

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